About Us

Started with a small group of friends those like to help people with everything they know. One from IT industry, the others are from many different types of Businesses. Of course, it’s not only about Working knowledge but also sharing all things we know, we explore, we feel and we share.

Do you have any difficulties with your love life? Or do you plan to travel somewhere but don’t know how to start? You have problem with controling your negative feeling and though? Come to us, we will find a better way to help you and guide you how to solve your problems. At HOWTONC, you will find all the things you need to make your life easier and better.

Why we do howtoNC?

People said “Giving is best way of getting” or “Sharing is Caring” and we believe in this. We are 100% believe if we share all things we know, we will get more help from others. From this, we could help all people to solve their problems. Or you could say, it will be a better world and everyone will all know “HOW TO” solve their issues.

What is our mission?

HOWTONC’s main mission is to giving every person on this planet to learn how to solve anything. We want to help people learn, first and most importantly. HOWTONC’s other values is pulling many more people to join with us.

We are open and we like to share. We encourage anyone to contribute to our content.


We share all the positive thought and better value to contribute all the goods thing with all people

What can you do?

Join us. Share with us all the value you experience. We believe if we do this together, the more the better.

We’re always looking for great people to join us – people who are as passionate as we are and, just as importantly, embrace sharing and innovation. As a place where “HOW TO’s story and Experience make perfect partners, we have a real sense of excitement about the future and the possibilities it can bring.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to share your story/idea and make money from it, we could be the perfect fit for you! Contact us for more details.

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